novoSDK - NOVOMATIC's Software Development Kit
novoSDK and the corresponding converter were created as a powerful toolkit to provide comprehensive software support for developing online casino games. They allow for quick development and efficient operations of a great number of casino games on a wide range of platforms. After an initial development effort using the novoSDK toolkit, these games can be offered on a great variety of regulated cash gaming platforms, on social gaming platforms, and on land-based Plurius machines. Over 250 online casino games already were developed on this basis, yet many more to come.
Strategic Benefits
Multi-Platform Clients
novoSDK makes your game clients easily available on a wide range of platforms, using a variety of distribution channels. Our industry-leading cross-compiler ensures the same visual game experience and superior performance on all platforms, without additional development. The cross-compiler was developed in-house by NOVOMATIC and generates game client code for all relevant technologies.
Easy Integration
Every game based on novoSDK can be easily integrated into numerous online casino platforms (fun gaming, regulated cash gaming, social gaming) and be made available on land-based Plurius machines. Furthermore, our compliance experts will take care of certification for all regulated markets.
Featured novoSDK Partners
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Abstract Operators
These operators are prime examples of the potential online audience your gaming products can reach via novoSDK.
Technical Benefits
Rapid Development
novoSDK provides you with the best foundation for rapid game development. Your game design will be implemented as configuration of pre-defined building blocks. These building blocks still remain adjustable and extensible. This makes game "development" really fast.
Game Client Converter
Games based on novoSDK are developed in Java and can be converted to many target platforms. Our industry-leading cross-compiler ensures the generation of high-quality, well-performing native code. The supported target platforms currently are: HTML5, iOS, Android, Plurius (.NET), and Adobe Flash.
Standardized Development Process
At Novomatic group, quality assurance (QA), certification and game launch are highly structured processes. The complex deployment processes in the background are handled by Novomatic group to ensure efficient operations. With this support, you can highly focus on game design, leaving these steps to our specialists.
Standardized Analysis
At a game's core, mathematics play an integral role. To make sure your games behave as expected, novoSDK provides you with a range of tools for highly automated analysis and simulation. Many additional features were implemented to accelerate legal certification, for example reality checks and autoplay limits.
Extensible, Java-based architecture
novoSDK follows the "convention over configuration" principle, meaning that standard game behaviour is provided out-of-the-box. With an extremely extensible software architecture as ideal foundation, additional game logic can always be developed. To support your work in the best possible way, we support and provide state-of-the-art development tools.
Ongoing development
In close cooperation with our partners, we continuously tap the full potential of novoSDK in order to implement complex slot concepts such as AWP games or social slots (e.g. Pharaoh's Way). This ensures that new trends and technologies are considered, making your investment in the partnership sustainable.

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